Combination Fireplaces

The range of combination fireplaces displayed here will provide a stunning centrepiece to your room. They are offered as hi light finish which produces a shine to the raised sections of the fireplace, this type of finish shows the decorative moulding to its full effect really creating a fireplace that catch’s the eye.

Decorators to great effect often use this type of fireplace. The Paris, Celtic and Barcelona are designed as bedroom or small lounge or dinning area fireplaces and will bring a touch of class to any room. The Edwardian and Amsterdam fireplaces with the superb tube lined tiles offer an elegant finish you will fall in love with.

The supreme craftsmanship used along with high quality materials create a fireplace of superior design, which you will admire for many years.The Gallery collection of combination fireplaces offers the most comprehensive selection of Victorian and Edwardian style fireplaces on the market.

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